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“Poetry is the mother genre—the foundation upon which [students] build excellence in every genre..through reading and writing poetry, they figure out what matters, explore it, try to make sense of it, endeavor to change it, and help themselves begin to live lives of worth.”

—Nancie Atwell, ROW 2010 Teacher of the Year, Edgecomb, Maine
Teachers are the key to River of Words’ success. From the beginning, we have supported their work and furthered their professional development and connection to their communities.

Our services for educators include:

Educator-training workshops. Our dynamic sessions, held throughout the United States and abroad, teach classroom teachers, park rangers, 4-H and Scout leaders, and other educators how to to use their own homegrounds as a context for learning. The curriculum integrates outdoor observation, investigation, and poetry writing with core subjects like English, math, science, social studies, and the arts.

The Watershed Explorer Educator’s Guide. Incorporates language skills, art, science, history, and culture into activities and exercises for kindergarten through high-school students.

Free poetry writing guide. This full-color, 75-page guide helps students get beyond impediments to creativity and expression. Download it now.