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“The world’s children are perhaps its most truthful and sensitive observers.”

—Pamela Michael, River of Words co-founder
2010 International Contest Art Winners
All art and poetry © River of Words.

1. International Prize:
Child and Buffalo, by Tsang Wang Fung, age 19, Hong Kong, China

2. Category I Grand Prize (K-Gr. 2)
Northern Georgia Wildlife by Alice Yu, age 7, Suwanee, Georgia

3. Category II Grand Prize (Gr. 3-6)
Birds Over the Bay by Kevin Huo, age 10, Foster City, California

4. Category III Grand Prize (Gr. 7-9)
Waiting for Rain by Jacqueline Bae, age 14, Oak Hill, Virginia

5. Category IV Grand Prize (Gr. 10-12)
Spot by Jhee-Young (Stella) Shin, age 17, Bothell, Washington

2010 International Contest Art Finalists

6. Thirst, by Jesse Abbott, age 16, Demorest, Georgia

7. The Blue Whale, by Edoardo Amador, age 7, Managua, Nicaragua

8. Fly, by M. Bashir, age 13, Quetta, Pakistan

9. Beach Vacation, by Shyann Caliph, age 10, Onalaska, Washington

10. My Sweet Goat, by Adrianne Calloway, age 11, Birmingham, Alabama

11. Little Ducklings, by Chloe Cha, age 5, Irvine, California

12. Long Wait, by Megan Chiu, age 14, West Lafayette, Indiana

13. Happy Chinese New Year, by Geoffrey Chung Cheuk Hin, age 6, Hong Kong, China

14. Mist over Spider Lake, by Ethan Clements, age 14, Los Alamos, New Mexico

15. Geyser Bison, by Mira Helena Darham, age 11, Bozeman, Montana

16. Fall Tree, by Mary Einhorn, age 6, Madison, Alabama

17. Bushtit, by Alexa Gonzalez, age 8, Watsonville, California

18. Global Warming — Who Will Save Us?, by Jun (Joan) Han, age 15, Lilburn, Georgia

19. Fish School, by Carrie Harr, age 15, Madison, Alabama

20. Forbearance and Seeking a Remedy, by Rohullah Hassani, age 14, Quetta, Pakistan

21. Exploring the Spectacular Underwater World, by Mok Tsun Ho, age 14, Hong Kong, China

22. Frog in the Rainforest, by Michael Hu, age 11, Lilburn, Georgia

23. Untitled, by Nopawut Kittirochanasatien, age 6, Bangkok, Thailand

24. Wet Buddy, by John Langmack, age 18, Marietta, Georgia

25. Mass Traditional Dance, by Jamie Lau Sin Tung, age 11, Hong Kong, China

26. River and Drought Resque, by Jane Lee, age 19, Merrimac, Australia

27. I Swim With Fish, by Jashua Liu, age 5, Lilburn, Georgia

28. Rain, by Yan Liu, age 6, Lilburn, Georgia

29. Dance, by Ka Wai Ma, age 8, Hong Kong, China

30. The Quail, by Emma Mackenzie, age 9, San Francisco, California

31. Thirst, by Cecille Madriz, age 18, Hollister, California

32. Emily, by Cece Pless, age 16, Birmingham, Alabama

33. Maple Dreams, Emily Poole, age 14, Birmingham, Alabama

34. Untitled, by A.S.K. Rajakaruna, age 14, Kandy, Sri Lanka

35. Untitled, by Hiruni Rajakaruna, age 10, Mawanella, Sri Lanka

36. Untitled, by Nutchanan Ratchakul, age 10, Bangkok, Thailand

37. Night Tree, by Olivia Romero, age 9, West Linn, Oregon

38. Overloaded, by Asif Sahil, age 16, Quetta, Pakistan

39. Rivergold, by Cathy (Kaiyi) Shen, age 14, Auburn, Alabama

40. Big Harvest, by Chloe Tong Ho Yee, age 10, Hong Kong, China

41. Flamingo, by Valerie Tsoi, age 5, Hong Kong, China

42. Orchid and Rain, by Stella Tu, age 15, Northbrook, Illinois

43. I love you, butterfly!, by Victoria Tu, age 12, Northbrook, Illinois

44. The Leaves Falling Down the Trees Over the River, by Sophia Velezis, age 7, Birmingham, Alabama

45. Still on the Hunt Field, by Ali Whittemore, age 16, Birmingham, Alabama

46. Harmony, by Lucy Xu, age 17, Lilburn, Georgia

47. Family Swim, by Mi Yun, age 16, West Lafayette, Indiana