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“The world’s children are perhaps its most truthful and sensitive observers.”

—Pamela Michael, River of Words co-founder
2010 International contest poetry winners

1. Category I Grand Prize (K-Gr. 2)
The Bunny by Zak Bhe, age 7, Nobleboro, Maine

2. Category II Grand Prize (Gr. 3-6)
Heaven by DiAnna Rowe, age 11, Greeley, Colorado

3. Category III Grand Prize (Gr. 7-9)
Garter Snake by Julia Christensen, age 13, Seattle, Washington

4. Category IV Grand Prize (Gr. 10-12)
snapping turtles by Caroline Dean, age 17, Scarsdale, New York

5. Monkey's Raincoat Prize (Honoring a Short Poem in the Tradition of the Japanese Haiku)
Stream of Words by Abe Hoffman, age 8, Denver, Colorado

6. Shasta Bioregion Prize (Honoring a San Francisco Bay Area Student)
Old Country, by Patrick Campbell, age 17, San Jose, California

2010 International Contest Poetry Finalists
All art and poetry © River of Words.

7. Remember, by Michael Alisky, age 8, Centennial, Colorado

8. Mamaw, by Olivia Almeida, age 17, Rayne, Louisiana

9. There is a River Out There, by Jaser Alsharhan, age 15, Westminster, Colorado

10. I Can, by Joshua Bailey, age 7, Tucson, Arizona

11. Rose Poem, by Kyrie Benson, age 16, Olympia, Washington

12. Clay, by Brad Beyea, age 16, Cumming, Georgia

13. Swimming Ghazal, by Gavin Blake, age 13, Kirkland, Washington

14. The Eternal Division, by Roma Brown, age 16, Strassen, Luxembourg

15. Stargazing, by Liz Chadbourne, age 13, Mill Valley, California

16. Timelessness, by Allison Jiyoon Choi, age 12, SuNae-dong, Korea

17. Dawn to Dusk, by John Conlon, age 17, Palmetto, Florida

18. Nature's Rollercoaster, by Gabriella C. Eck, age 10, Jasper, Indiana

19. Vincent, by Savannah Fehling, age 15, Sarasota, Florida

20. Fall, by Anna Ferguson, age 11, Wexford, Pennsylvania

21. Springtime (Haiku), by Anneliese Ferguson, age 6, Traverse City, Michigan

22. Just Be Brave, by Sharice Hatton, age 13, St. Louis, Missouri

23. Tomorrow's Sunrise, by Fabian Hernandez, age 7, Tucson, Arizona

24. Green Desert River Water, by Kaitlyn Hill, age 7, Marana, Arizona

25. Old Lab Dog, by Barrett Kulik, age 12, Marietta, Georgia

26. The Yarra River, by Antonia Langenegger, age 11, Hawthorn, Australia

27. Each Minute of a Morning, by Mallory Latsko, age 12, Sarasota, Florida

28. Desperation River, by Bailey Lehmkuhle, age 13, Flint, Michigan

29. Bread, by Isabel Levine-Clark, age 9, Denver, Colorado

30. Me, by Susan Li, age 14, San Francisco, California

31. Pest, by Hope Logan, age 13, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

32. And the grey comes in , by Elana Mabrito, age 13, Seattle, Washington

33. The Yellow Vineyard, Jason Martin, age 10, Sonoma, California

34. Sky Family, by MacAllister Moss, age 7, Bristol, Maine

35. Beauty from Far Away, by Kayla Nestor, age 17, Hugo, Colorado

36. Memory of Vietnam, by Nhi Nguyen, age 12, Sarasota, Florida

37. Simplicity, by Paul Novak, age 11, Reno, Nevada

38. At the Campfire, by Hannah Poirrier, age 17, Scott, Louisiana

39. If, by Hobey Pollack, age 9, Mill Valley, California

40. I Am From , by Jasmine Rogers, age 13, Kansas City, Missouri

41. Names, by Dana Rufolo, age 12, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

42. lazy willows, by Emily Ruppel, age 13, Seattle, Washington

43. The Sky, by Shrujal San, age 7, Ashland, Massachusetts

44. Collected Poems: Two Thousand Years after the First Canoes Broke the Surface, Learning to Be Seven Years Old, Mission Creek, Montana, The Cemetery Across the Road has Been Filling with Fireflies, and Driving Back Into My Childhood in the Car We Used to Drive over Roller Coaster Road by Patricia Schlutt, age 15, Grand Rapids, Michigan

45. I Am..., by Ying Sham, age 14, San Francisco, California

46. Beautiful Horse, by Antinet Tolbert, age 14, Kansas City, Missouri

47. I Am From, by Shane'kra Toombs, age 13, Kansas City, Missouri

48. Broken World, by Claire Trainor, age 14, Denver, Colorado

49. Sundown Trees, by Selena Vega, age 7, Tucson, Arizona

50. Lightning Dude, by Norris White, age 12, Kansas City, Missouri

51. Coverslip, by Dalia Wolfson, age 16, Bronx, New York

52. Blue Jay, Black Cat, by Heidi M. Ziegra, age 13, Boothbay Harbor, Maine